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The history of Politeknik Caltex Riau began with the joining of 175 freshmen in 3 study programs i.e. Electronics Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, and Computer Engineering. Parallel with more students coming to PCR, in the year of 2003, the other two study programs i.e. Mechatronics Engineering and Accounting opened new students’ admission.

Environmentally Friendly, Smoke-Free, and Well-Ordered Traffic are the principles that we introduce since the beginning of our operation. PCR, a campus initiated by PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia and the Government of Riau Province was officially established on August 31 2001 with the motto “Empowers You to Global Competition”.






The Computer Engineering Applied Master Study Program (MTTK) starts learning in the academic year 2020/2021 based on Law no. 12/2012 on Higher Education Article 16 paragraph 2: "Vocational education as referred to in paragraph (1) can be developed by the Government until the applied master program or applied doctoral program.", Article 59 paragraph 5: "Polytechnic is a Higher Education that organizes vocational education in various groups of Science and/or Technology ... "and Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture no 534/M/2O2O concerning Licensing for the Implementation of Applied Masters Program (S-2) Computer Engineering. MTTK organizes master education programs and graduates students as Masters in Applied Science (M.Tr. Kom).


- "PCR - Empowers You to Global Competition" -



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